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Do you find it hard working out who your ideal customer is?

Is looking for leads and generating business keeping you awake at night?

Are you ready to receive more business but at a loss how to convert your leads?

Or maybe you have the leads and enquiries but have so many you’re simply not keeping on top of them all?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you’re probably missing a lot of business.

You’re probably in the 92% that don’t ask enough (only 8% ask five times) and that hurts!


Sales is a relationship and building those relationships should be at the core of your business.


But it’s hard work…


At SalesRadar we know this. So we created Sales Radar to help our clients generate more sales by improving the way they manage sales conversations, leads and follow-up on enquiries.


Nurturing your leads and contacts is important and only happens if you put them into a system; making sure you always follow up effectively.


If you want to stop losing business, all you need to do is get a simple system in place to ensure you always ask for the sale…

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92% of people involved in sales don't follow up enough to convert a customer

Welcome to the SalesRadar Academy.

It’s not about getting a load of leads and shoving them into a system though. Firstly, you need the right leads, and then you’ll need the right messages, and the right actions, and then you’ll need to understand how to move them (at scale) onto the next step towards them saying “yes”.


The Sales Radar Academy will teach you how to do exactly that.  We’ll show you how to work out your exact match, how to find them, and then what to do with them so they “but your stuff”.


Once you’ve been to the Academy you’ll have a clear idea of who you’re trying to sell to, how to sell to them, how to follow-up and covert them, and how on earth you’ll manage more and more of them, all at different stages of the funnel.


You’ll get our tried and tested methods to help you convert new leads into sales with our clearly defined and refined system.

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Here’s what we’ll work on together:

Working out who your ideal customer is and how they might buy from you

How to fully understand the incredibly important stages that your clients go through on their buying journey (your sales funnel)

Defining your sales actions. We’ll show you how to move your leads from one stage to the next, so it feels right for both of you, and importantly progresses them to a “yes”.

Setting up your sales system so you can systematically and consistently manage your sales conversations and convert more business.

And then we’ll give you SalesRadar FREE for a year to help you manage the process for the next 12 months…

What you get

Full day hands on workshop with lunch

Free access to SalesRadar for 12 months

Quarterly review calls

Access to our private access SalesRadar Academy Facebook group with bonus content throughout the year.

Death by slides

Boring training

Scary sales tactics

Hard nose sales training

Something based on an excel spreadsheet from the 1980s!

What you won’t get

The Academy isn’t a one off sales course with some PowerPoint and a selection vol-au-vonts and dips! The Academy is a process and system wrapped into a community lead by people who understand and care about you making sales.

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Software alone isn’t enough to help you succeed. Learning why the system works, what to do at each stage, and implementing it all is key to your success…

The SalesRadar Academy is perfect for you if:

You’re involved in selling but aren’t seeing enough results

You go to a lot of networking events and need a system to follow-up

You’re a start-up with limited time and resources

You’re self-employed and need structure for successful lead gen

You work in a small team and need a way to co-ordinate your activity so you all stay engaged on projects and sales

You don’t have a clear goal or focus defined in your sales and marketing

Or you’re just terribly disorganised and need us to put you on the right track!

  • SalesRadar Academy (2018 Dates)
    • £ 399 (inc VAT)
      • includes full access to our system,
      • our private Facebook community,
      • a quarterly review with one of our team
      • and of course the entire days training with lunch.

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Save £100
  • SalesRadar Academy 2018 Early Bird Price
    • £ 299 (inc VAT)
      • Only avaliable until December 31st 2017
      • includes full access to our system,
      • our private Facebook community,
      • a quarterly review with one of our team
      • and of course the entire days training with lunch.

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  • Private SalesRadar Academy
    • £ 1999 (+VAT)
      • private academy session for your business,
      • held at your own business premises,
      • up to ten delegates from your business
      • includes full access to SalesRadar team plan

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How much is a new customer worth to you?


In fact, how much are 10, 20, 30 new customers worth to you?


We can help you convert and find more leads and then convert them into sales. How much is that worth to you?


Your investment of £399.00 (inc VAT) will give you all the focus, tools, and strategies you need. Don’t forget that we’ll also be giving you our added support for a whole year, too.


How much will all that be worth to your sales and how much business do you think you’ll gain because of it? We’re confident that if you implement it all, you’ll return the initial time and investment over and over again.


Book your place now and we’ll see you there.


92% of sales get left on the table. Don’t let that happen to your business. Be the 8% that succeed. Book your place today.


We’re always keen to help so if you need a quick chat with one of the team, please do contact us now on  01527 919980

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The Next SalesRadar Academy dates are:

Wednesday 17th January 2018

What are you waiting for?

The SalesRadar Academy is just £349+VAT and includes full access to our system, our community, a quarterly review and of course the entire days training with lunch.

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