5 Top Sales Tips to Help You Boost Sales

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5 Top Sales Tips to Help You Boost Sales


1. Set aside a dedicated time every day or every week to do your prospecting.

If you don’t prospect your sales pipeline will eventually dry up; sales people very often spend too much time doing everything else and putting off prospecting. You have to schedule it or you won’t do it.


2. It’s not what you say it’s what your customer believes.

The best sales presentation in the world is no good if the prospect does not believe in what you say.

Ask questions; find out what their needs are; they may not know their needs so you will have to help them, so that they regard you as an expert and not just a salesman. Invest time with the customer to allow them to develop trust in you.


3. Do not go into a sales call without knowing how you’re going to close the sale.

Closing the sale is the most important part of any presentation and yet it is the part that is most often left out of the planning.

Planning how you are going to close the sale beforehand doesn’t mean having only one type of closing technique, it means you will be ready to use several different closing techniques depending on the customer’s response.


4. Be there and be on time.

The biggest reason that sales are lost is that the salesperson failed to arrive at the meeting, was late in arriving or failed to follow up the meeting. If you cannot be bothered about being prompt or following up the initial meeting then you cannot expect the customer to believe in you.


5. Believe in yourself and your product.

No one will buy from you if they feel that the salesman doesn’t even believe in it. Your confidence in your product must shine through.





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