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After a highly successful beta we are finally launching SalesRadar on the open seas of the internet. With cool new features like interactive graph reports and embeddable forms for your website and an improved spreadsheet importer for uploaded all your contracts, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of new ways to use it.


Alongside all this exciting news we are also launching our new business card scanning app. This will allow you to scan in business cards and create new contacts! It’ll be available from 1st February in both the Play Store and App Store.


So last thing on our list is getting a good 404 page sorted, while we never anticipate you needing to see a 404 page, it’s always good to have one in your back pocket. So why do companies spend so much money, time and effort on creating these pages? Well, chances are you’re not going to be happy that you’ve gone through to a dead link and at that point in time a funny or cute picture is likely to make you feel better about the link taking you to the wrong place.


And at that point in time making your user unexpectedly laugh or even just smile can win you major points especially if you get the tone right for your audience. That’s why Google has the dinosaur for a lost internet connection, which also doubles as a fun game and Nouveller has the Jurassic Park themed 404 page. Interact, fun and referencing pop culture, it has all the hallmarks of a great 404 page.


So our designer has been working away and has come up with 7 great ideas so far. Which do you think is best?


How About Grumpy Cat?


Grumpy cat has been a favourite in our office for a long time, and even features on our support system as our loading page image every now and then.


Grumpy Cat


Perhaps A Fly Is More To Your Taste


We liked the weirdness of this, it’s a little odd and we can’t quite work out why we think it’s funny.




Hello? Is That The 80’s?


For our younger members of staff this is slightly beyond their knowledge but we just loved the stach!






Because who doesn’t love a terrible horror movie?




I Am Not The Page You Are Looking For


Do I really have to explain this one?


Darth Vader


Taken 5: Not My Homepage


Okay, so I’m not a great loss to the world of tabloid headline writters, but Liam Neeson is never an unwelcome addition to a 404 page.




Dude it’s Chuch Norris!


This one has everything, a terrible catchphrase, an explosion and Chuch Norris in all his denim clad glory.





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