10 Rules Of Sales Success

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10 Rules Of Sales Success

You may not be surprised to know that car salespeople and insurance salespeople are ranked at the bottom of the list when it comes to people’s impressions of honest and ethical business people. But it’s not just car sales people who have a bad reputation, about 85% of customers have a negative view of all salespeople.


But by developing different sales skills you can prove the masses wrong and selling will become one of the most satisfying tasks you will have to do as a business owner.


Rule 1: Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.
Do not talk about yourself, your products or services and don’t recite your sales pitch. This is crucial in the first few minutes of any sales presentation, obviously you want to introduce yourself and tell your prospect the reason why you are there (or telephoning), but at this point do not ramble on about your product as you don’t have any idea if what you are offering is going to be any use to your prospect.


Rule 2: Sell with questions, not answers.
Ask lots of questions and concentrate on why your prospect might want to buy your product or service and how they will benefit from it. Don’t try to sell anything, simply focus on why your prospect wants to buy.


Rule 3: Pretend you’re on a first date with your prospect.
Ask them about their business and the products and services they are already using, are they happy with them? Are they too expensive, too slow, or not reliable? Find out what their problems really are by asking questions that will give you information about what your prospect really needs.

Learn what your prospect needs and stop trying to convince them to do something they may not want to do, and they will start trusting you as a valued advisor and will want to do more business with you.


Rule 4: Speak as you would to your family and friends.
There’s no need to switch into a sales mode as though you are reading from a script with exaggerated tones and speech patterns. Speak normally as you would if you were with your family and friends.


Rule 5: Pay attention to what your prospect isn’t saying.
Do not be so concerned with what you are going to say that you forget about the other person involved, do they appear agitated or rushed? Ask them if it is a good time to talk, and if not, suggest another time.


Rule 6: If the prospect asks you a question, give a brief answer then move on.
This is not about you it’s about whether you are right for him.


Rule 7: Do not mention what you are offering until you have correctly assessed the needs of the prospect.
Get to know who you are speaking to and find out what their problems are before deciding what you want to say.


Rule 8: Do not give a long drawn out seminar on your product.
Pick a few things that you know will help your prospect with his problems, speak to him normally reiterating the benefits to him in his own words if possible.


Rule 9: Ask your prospect if there are any barriers preventing from them taking the next step.
If you have gone through the first eight steps correctly you should have a thorough understanding of their requirements and you should have established a mutual trust. You are now ready to take the final step.


Rule 10: Ask your prospect to take some kind of action.
This method place’s the ball firmly in the prospects court and eliminates the need to for any closing techniques. Normal closing techniques keep the focus on you, but you don’t want to remind the prospect that he is dealing with a salesperson. You are not a salesperson you are a Human Being who is offering a service or product.


Perfect this technique and you will be on the path to becoming an exceptional salesperson.


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