Talking to Your Funnel: 2018’s Ground-breaking Strategy

Talking to Your Funnel: 2018’s Ground-breaking Strategy

Talking to Your Funnel: 2018’s Ground-breaking Strategy

At the end of 2017 there were over 1Million apps on the Google Play Store and 2.8Million on the App Store. There’s an app for almost everything.


It’s easy to see how digitally connected we’ve all become. If you’re anything like us, you’re rarely more than a few metres from your smartphone – even when you’re in bed at night.


We’re connected more than ever…. But we’re getting worse at one thing. Talking to each other.


Email, messenger, texts, Whatsapp, and social media timelines and comments are all brilliant and we recommend you use them in your marketing mix. But don’t forget the one simple app that’s been around since the beginning.


The phone.


The phone app is simple, efficient, and often a totally free channel with zero cost. Phoning people is and should be a powerful part of your sales funnel.


We understand that not everyone is happy with making calls – and in fact some are not OK receiving them, but there’s a lot of business to be had by chatting on the old dog and bone!


Arranging a call…

In 2018 it’s probably still OK to just pick up the phone and call someone out of the blue, but we know that you’re probably not going to get as many good conversations this way. Interrupting people could work but we’re not going to suggest that here.


Arranging a call is your best bet. Here are some ways to do that…


  • Email a prospect and offer to talk them through your product or service.
  • Arrange a call on social media after a good conversation (LinkedIn is great for this).
  • After meeting someone at a networking meeting, arrange a call before you leave (most have their diaries on their phones).


Get on the phone to them and have a deeper conversation than the delayed inbox tennis you’ve been playing.




Add calling to your tasks in your sales funnel…

Adding a phone call to your sales funnel would be a great idea. After sending some content, connecting on social media and even sending them something in the post or emailing them – call them, maybe?


Hitting the phones might not be the most exciting though for you but the conversations you’ll have there are far more enriching and fascinating than most social media or email conversations you can have.


Work out when the best time to have a call with a prospect is and add it to your sales funnel process.



It could all start with a call…

There’s nothing wrong with starting on the phone. We’re not talking cold calling here; that’s a tricky beast. We’re talking about chatting more thoroughly to the leads and enquiries that you get. Why not start with the phone and then do your best to engage them with your written content and messages to warm them up for the sale?


Starting off with the most engaging method of following up might just be the piece of the puzzle that you’re missing. Once you’ve had a positive call, send them something in the post or on social media, or arrange to meet up at an event or networking meeting.


The phone could just be the best way to kick-start your slow sales funnel.


And then put it all into your CRM….

If you’re gaining a lot of leads and going to networking events and are active on social media then you’re going to be making a lot of follow ups. If you’re going to call them all, that’s a lot of calls! So spread them out and do a few each day as part of your daily routine.


Using a CRM like SalesRadar means that you’ll be able to record what you say on the phone and your other apps. If you’re contacting a lot of people you’ll forget what you said or agreed to do for them and where you’re at in your relationship with them.


Write a simple message in their contact in your CRM after you’ve spoken to them. Add in tasks to do next so you know exactly where you are with them next time you talk. There’s no point in promising something then forgetting to send it to them.


It’s a good idea to have their contact profile open when you talk to them so you have their favourite film or food in front of you or even a link to their social media for a bit of a peek.


Chatting to someone on the phone and then being able to reference something they said on LinkedIn yesterday not only makes them feel great, it shows you’re interested in them!


Pick up the phone; it could be 2018’s most exciting app!

Calling people might not seem high tech or cool but it works. It doesn’t even have to take that much time. Most email tennis takes days, if not weeks to come to fruition! The momentum isn’t there, and your tone or any humour can be lost or misunderstood. Pick up the phone and arrange a meeting or ask them if they got your gift in the post or what they thought about the eBook you sent them.


Calling people (when arranged) is a powerful tool we challenge you to add to your smartphone and your CRM this year…


Is creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

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