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Everything you need to find your clients new prospects, follow up their sales leads and win them more business

Are your clients losing sales because they are not following up with prospects?

We know that you are incredibly busy organising all of your clients. Do they need to improve their sales and get better at following up? SalesRadar is the perfect tool for you to help them get their sales process organised. You will love using it and so will your clients. Everytime you add a new client onto SalesRadar we will give you a 20% commission for the lifetime of the client.

It’s the software that pays you!

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Increase Your Clients Conversion by 40%

Using a structured system to manage your follow ups will increase your conversion rate by 40%

Make Them 68% More Competitive

68% of businesses have not mapped their sales process and have no structured follow up

80% of Sales Need 5 Follow Ups

80% of sales only occur after five or more interactions with a prospect

92% Give Up After 4 Follow Ups

92% of sales people don't follow up enough with a prospect to win business

Never loose track of leads

Loosing track of everybody you’ve met? Forgetting to follow up with leads and prospects? SalesRadar is your solution!

Win more business

It’s a fact that businesses who follow a structured and systematised follow up process gain more clients

Find your ideal clients

In a couple of clicks you can find your ideal clients, with contact details & add them straight into your sales funnel.

Save your time

Instantly add business cards using our business card scanning app for Apple and Andriod

Why Do You Your Clients Need a Lead Tracking & Prospecting System?

They need to find more prospects and would love an easy system to find them.

They need a structured approach to generating new business and want to get organised with your help

They need a really simple system to hold all their prospects, leads, quotes and clients because their head can't cope anymore!

They need a simple and easy to use system to bring order to their sales because they are naturally a bit disorganised

You wish there was something better than a spreadsheet to manage their leads and sales

You need a quick and easy way to import contact details and leads You want a really easy way to input their information so you can actually start using it

We know what it’s like to be super busy and forget to follow up. You’re not alone, and neither are your clients as this is possibly the biggest reason most sales leads get neglected.



It’s not your fault! You’re in the business of organising your clienst and they are in the business of selling their services or products, so both you and them you really need those sales. Everybody has every good intention of following up; we get it.


As a business owner or senior manager you’ll be incredibly busy and with everything going you can easily forget important tasks. Without a system, the chance of forgetting to follow up becomes more probable and that’s going to cost you money.


SalesRadar can take care of all those needs.  It can remind you of all your important follow ups; it can track your sales.  It really can take control of all of that sales noise that is going round in your head, so your brain can focus on delivering excellent value to your clients.


Our system is designed to help you work in a structured way to ensure you never miss a client opportunity ever again. In fact it goes a step further because not only do we offer a simple and really easy to use system – it can actually help you find new clients too!

Never Miss a Lead Again - Pick a Plan Now
Find Leads & Prospects
Pipeline Management
Contact Management
Tasks & To Dos
Sales Reporting & Insights
Security & Reliability
Import/Export & Integrations
Business Card Scanning App

Why Did We Develop SalesRadar?

Well, basically it was because we were just like your clients ….


We were forgetting to follow up our leads, we had no visibility of our sales opportunities across our small team and we wanted a easy way to search for our ideal clients and add them into our sales funnel.


We looked around at loads of other options on the market and simply didn’t like them. They were either for much bigger companies, had a user experience fresh out of the 90’s or they were simply too expensive for a small team like ours. None of the options we looked at had any way of finding new business either.


So we made our own, and we made it to answer all the needs of the small business.

Never Miss a Lead Again - Pick a Plan Now
  • Get Organised
    • £ 12 (+VAT) Monthly
      • 25 Prospect Searches
      • Unlimited Opportunities
      • Build Unlimited Audiences
      • Unlimited Contacts
      • 10 Business Card Scans
      • Sales Reporting
      • Single User
      • 14 Day Trial

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  • Grow Business
    • £ 27 (+VAT) Monthly
      • Unlimited Prospect Searches
      • Build Unlimited Audiences
      • Unlimited Opportunities
      • Unlimited Contacts
      • 50 Business Card Scans
      • Sales Reporting
      • Up to 5 Users
      • 14 Day Trial

    • Select Plan
  • Grow Business Annual
    • £ 276 (+VAT) Yearly
      • Unlimited Prospect Searches
      • Build Unlimited Audiences
      • Unlimited Opportunities
      • Unlimited Contacts
      • 600 Business Card Scans
      • Sales Reporting
      • Up to 5 Users
      • 14 Day Trial

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