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Following up Just Once Isn’t Following up!

The networking event went well. Better than expected, actually. You leave clutching a wad of business cards with ideas, promises and opportunities fresh in your mind. When you get back home, to the office or to your team, you’re full of excitement about a few of the leads. These could well be new clients, customers or advocates for you But then it all goes quiet. You email...

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Sales aren’t at the top of most people’s list. It’s probably because they usually go hand in hand with rejection. When you hear successful salespeople speak or when you read their books, it seems they’ve managed to cope with rejection and just got better at getting on with it. But that’s a tough one to learn if you really don’t want to experience rejection. Door-to-door sales...

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Staying on Top of Your Leads and Enquiries?

We’re going to make an assumption about you. Ready? You’re human. Are we right? You’re human and you’re trying to grow a business that relies on doing business with other humans, right?   Now, aside from the fact that you need to market your business to the needs and feelings of those humans, you’re human too, and this means that (occasionally) you’re the weakest link in your...

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