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Convert more sales than 92% of your competitors?

If you’re in business, then you need sales. If you need sales, then you need people to say ‘yes’ more than they say ‘no’. Increasing the number of ‘yes’ answers over the ‘no’ answers is the obvious answer to business success but it’s astounding that almost 80% of sales leads never get followed up! That’s a lot of lost ‘yes’ votes....

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Why it’s ok for small business leaders to ask for help

Too many new start-ups and small businesses fail because of an unwillingness to talk to others, and educate themselves about business despite there being plenty of enthusiastic help out there. It’s frustrating as up to half of all start-ups eventually go out of business within five years and they do so unnecessarily because some business owners don’t get, what we call, the business therapy they need....

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