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Five Simple Reasons Why Following-up is Vital in 2019 (With Tips On How To Do It!)

What we hear when we speak to small and medium businesses is that they’re constantly looking for new leads. They tell us that if they could have something magically fixed overnight it would be having more leads and converting them. We understand that. But what we’re always concerned about is this: Could you cope right now with a dramatic increase in leads and enquiries?And do you have a system to follow-up...

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7 Powertips to Help You Make the Most of Your Networking Efforts in 2019

How was your 2018? Did you make the targets and build the business you wanted to? How was your lead generation and networking? Did it reap the rewards you were after? We certainly got out there and kept spreading the word about SalesRadar at events and exhibitions. The results speak for themselves with more users than ever and of course the highly anticipated free version of SalesRadar that launched in September. Networking...

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8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Boost Your Business Networking Results

Networking is a proven and fun way to grow your business. There’s no doubt about that. Meeting people, building connections, and growing your sales funnel are just a few of the benefits of networking.   At SalesRadar we use networking to get the word out about our CRM. Networking allows us to meet people, chat to them about their businesses, and of course show them how SalesRadar...

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Creating a Profitable CRM Strategy for Your Business

To run a successful (and profitable) business you need to make certain that you’re generating fresh leads, converting them, and then retaining those customers for as long as you can. With marketing and lead generation costing five times more than retention it makes a lot of financial sense to keep the clients you’ve already won. But to grow you need more of the same. This is where...

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