Why Become a SalesRadar Coach
Our coach program is about creating strong customer relationships based around or product and service offerings
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37% Revenue Share

As a coach you will be allocated new clients as well as those you generate. You will train new users and act as an account manager. In return we will share 37% of the revenue we earn.

Introduce Partners: Continue Earning

Introduce as many referral partners as you like and we will share 17% of their customer’s revenue

See Your Earnings in Realtime

Through your affiliate control you’ll have access to past earnings as well as current earnings and number of referrals in real-time. You will see which customers are active and as they spend more your earning will grow.

Regular Payments

Referral earnings are paid each month, payment will be made automatically into you account for the previous 30 days revenue.

Certified SalesRadar Coaches

Our Coaches are a core part of our organisation, we want to see you succeed and make the most of every opportunity. We see our coaches as an extension of our own company and want to build those strong lasting relationships.


Our Coach program is about creating strong customer relationships based around our product and service offerings


It is with our coaches that we both then build strong, lasting relationships with our customers, who are at the heart of everything we do, keeping them happy with a CRM which adds value to their business is essential.


As a Certified Sales Radar Coach, you’ll be able to create that value for your customers and build a strong, recurring revenue stream. You’ll have exclusive content, resources and unprecedented access to the Sales Radar Team

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You may not be surprised to know that car salespeople and insurance salespeople are ranked at the bottom of the list when it comes to people’s impressions of honest and ethical business people. But it’s not just car sales people who have a bad reputation, about 85% of customers have a negative view of all salespeople.

Why Become a SalesRadar Coach?

As a coach, you get loads of benefits as well as the extra recurring income from your customers from selling SalesRadar.

Earn Recurring Revenue

Expand your Services

Empower Your Clients

Create Opportunities for Your Customers

Build Strong Customer Offerings

Join the Sales Radar Coach community and share knowledge and experiences

In-Depth Training

Attend Sales Radar sales conferences

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Who Should Apply

Our Coaches program compliments many existing businesses with a value added offering, or if you have the drive an ambition you can build a business as a full time SalesRadar Coach.

Sales Trainers

CRM Consultants

Business Coaches

Virtual Assistants

Business Advisers

Marketing Consultants


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