Avoiding Distractions and Winning More Business – it’s a CRM Thing!

Avoiding Distractions and Winning More Business - it's a CRM Thing!

Avoiding Distractions and Winning More Business – it’s a CRM Thing!

You’ll be well aware that distractions will kill your productivity. From social media, to email, to messages on your constantly-connected smartphone – it’s a miracle we get anything done at all!


Time management aside, it can be a really tough task to get all that you want to get done without checking those little red icons on your phone or responding to those pings and pongs on your computer. They’re just so tempting to click on, aren’t they?


It’s long been thought that a To Do list will help you to get more done and that if you have a set of tasks all laid out ready to tick off, that you’ll not only achieve more but you’ll have a great sense of achievement when you look at all the work you managed to get done.


To do lists keep you productive.


One handy tip is that if you set out your To Dos the night before, you’re more likely to wake up ready to tackle them. How about we make that the week ahead and see how that works, too?


Planning a week’s worth of work into To Dos might seem like a big task, but doing it as and when the tasks come in and adding them into your CRM makes light work of your list building and increases your productivity.


All this will (in time) increase your business as you’ll get more done and of course follow up on those news leads and enquiries too.


Let’s look at a simple way to use a CRM to build to do lists and how you could have your entire week mapped out in tasks so that you never miss a job and encounter fewer distractions at your desk.


Tim the graphic designer with designs on ultimate productivity


Meet Tim. Tim runs his own business. Tim started his graphic design business a year ago and he’s very good at what he does. But, like most business owners, Tim learnt all the ‘business stuff’ as he went along.


Getting a CRM changed the way he ran his business and now he has a list of tasks, jobs and work all laid out in front of him.


Let’s look at how Tim uses his CRM…


In Tim’s CRM he has all of his clients and his leads.


Each of his clients will have work that he needs to do. He has a logo to create for his long-standing client and a re-brand to do for a brand new client.


He also goes networking and hang out on social media, so he gets some great enquiries too… just not all from the same place.


Therefore Tim also puts all of his client info and his leads into his CRM with their own tasks for each.


What Tim does is always turn conversations, enquiries, jobs, requests, quotes, and final jobs into tasks in his CRM.


Tim simply adds a task to a client and then the CRM adds it to the day he sets it for. Well done, Tim!


Now here’s the to do list part…


In Tim’s CRM calendar he’ll have a list of jobs to complete each day for all the people he’s working for or working on. Tim doesn’t miss a task and even if he can’t quite get them all done he moves them to the next available day.


His rule is simple: He never deletes; he just moves or completes!


But Tim knows he also has those annoying little distractions from social media and email.


The problem is, as we all know, those could be business or enquiries in our ever-digital world, so he needs to check those. And he rarely gets drawn in to watching cat videos on YouTube.


What Tim will do when he’s online and in his inbox, is reply and respond but also look for tasks to add to his CRM.


  • If someone on Facebook says that they like his work and can they be added to his email list, he’ll add a task.


  • When his email pings with a message from his enquiry form on his website, Tim will transfer the information over to his CRM and then set a task to respond and then to follow up.


  • If the phone rings when he’s driving he’ll remember to put a note in his CRM via the app when he stops. He would never risk his road safety – Tim’s very smart! He’d set a task to follow up or send them some information about his work and how he can help them.


  • When Tim goes networking and meets an interesting lead he scans their business card on the CRM’s app and then sets an automated flow of tasks and an email to the lead. Tim won’t let that one go because next time he sees the lead they’ll remember him.


Tim has a great system in place. He’s constantly adding to his To Do list and he’s on top of all the tasks thanks to good time management and a list of daily tasks that he knows he needs to complete before he goes on Twitter or LinkedIn and gets lost in videos, posts and updates.


OK, Tim does sometimes get distracted. He’s only human.


Sometimes he hops on Facebook before checking his CRM. But he still gets those tasks done and he allows himself some time to be distracted and take a break from his work.



Here’s the clever thing Tim does though…


Tim knows that successful people plan their day the night before. Tim does this but he does it on a weekly basis instead. Let’s face it, running your own business is rarely 9-5 and the odd daytime activity for your social and personal life will creep in, but that’s the advantage of being your own boss or working in a small business.


Also, you’ll have more to do than just work. You’ll need to work on your business as well as in it, so that’ll need planning in too.


Tim takes his calendar (which is in the Cloud, of course) and looks at his weekly dates, meetings, networking, and personal goals. He then plans in time to work on his CRM tasks and has honest meeting with himself about achieving all his has in his CRM.


When it’s a busy week (if he’s exhibiting at a show or has a large client deliverable) Tim will snooze a few tasks to the week after, or maybe re-schedule some meetings and appointments.


But he plans the week ahead. He doesn’t delete anything in his CRM either. He never deletes – he moves, or completes!


Now each Monday morning he has not only a clear view of what he needs to do, but he has the perfect place to go look for what he needs to do and he can tick off those tasks too. His CRM runs his business and increases his productivity.


AND… he also adds more and more tasks to it as he ticks more and more off it from all the different places he hangs out.



A focused To Do list will keep you on track and accountable but also give you a real sense of achievement.


In SalesRadar you can even see all the completed tasks per client so you have a history of what you did and when you completed it. Of course this can be shared with colleagues so they know what’s been happening with each client.


Stay free of distractions (most of the time) – use your CRM as the most interactive and live To Do list there is!


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