Author: salesradario

Staying on Top of Your Leads and Enquiries?

We’re going to make an assumption about you. Ready? You’re human. Are we right? You’re human and you’re trying to grow a business that relies on doing business with other humans, right?   Now, aside from the fact that you need to market your business to the needs and feelings of those humans, you’re human too, and this means that (occasionally) you’re the weakest link in your...

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Convert more sales than 92% of your competitors?

If you’re in business, then you need sales. If you need sales, then you need people to say ‘yes’ more than they say ‘no’. Increasing the number of ‘yes’ answers over the ‘no’ answers is the obvious answer to business success but it’s astounding that almost 80% of sales leads never get followed up! That’s a lot of lost ‘yes’ votes....

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